IronmanRacingStats.com (IRS) has been conceived in the summer 2016 by Luca Novali, expert professional data analyst and italian athlete.

IRS was born in order to gather results of competitions in the IRONMAN circuit, to process statistics and to analyse the starting list of the races on calendar: take a look at tables of simple chronometric readings is not enough anymore to get a concrete idea of what has actually happened during the race.

Available for the visitor of IRS:

Overall overview
Contains a series of information and figures for comparing the races on a global level.

Results area
Contains results and statistics about each race analyzed by IRS

Coming up races
Are analyzed the starting list of planned competitions and studied previous results of athletes who will take part of the race.

Encyclopedia of all the athletes who have taken part of at least one of the races on the IRONMAN circuit processed by IRS.

Currently, the results coverage is only about races of the Ironman circuit, since 2012 until today.

To report problems about either racking or athletes registry, contact us. IRS need you to make the showed results more accurate.